About Coding Fight Club

What's Coding Fight Club?

A software platform that helps engineers sharpen their programming skills via live competitions on algorithms.

The Matches

Matches are algorithms challenges made exciting! You get to choose from a variety of categories and difficulties, and we will generate a random algorithms question for you. You may also choose from either challenging a stranger online or inviting your friend.

Coding Fight Club match example

Match Result

After each match, you can check out the result at its match result page. We evaluate your code based on correctness and performance. You are free to check out the result of each match anytime after the match ends.

To rate the correctness, we run your code with our test cases and list down the number of cases passed.

To rate the performance, we time the execution of each large test case (with over 1,000,000 data) and benchmark it with a pre-defined threshold. If your code executes within the threshold time (calculated based on average time plus buffer), you get the points for that test case. We then calculate the ratio of large test cases passed to get your performance score.

In case your points are exactly the same with your opponent, we compare the answer time and select the faster to be the winner.

Coding Fight Club match result example


View your profile and your most recent matches at dashboard. Access it easily by clicking the profile icon or your name on the top right corner of the screen anytime you want. Click on any match to see the detailed match result. You may also navigate to your match history page, start another match or log out from here as well.

Coding Fight Club dashboard example

Match History

To see the full match history since you joined Coding Fight Club, access match history page from your dashboard. You'll see a list of past matches. Click on any match to see the detailed match result.

Coding Fight Club match history example


Check out the top ranking players at Coding Fight Club!

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After you gain points from matches, you'll gradually upgrade from a beginner fighter all the way to a master fighter!

LevelMin Points
Beginner Fighter0
Skilled Fighter200
Advanced Fighter500
Expert Fighter1000
Master Fighter2000